A lifelong learner and avid believer in education and development, shawn is Adjunct Professor of Management & Organizations at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he teaches Human Capital & Talent Management to undergraduate business majors and moderates leadership programs at the James A. Collins Executive Education Center.

Returning to his roots in education, shawn finds joy in helping students find their path. Frequently asked to write letters of recommendation for jobs, internships, grants, scholarships, study abroad programs, graduate school applications, and more, shawn acts as chief encouragement officer for his students, helping them find their voice and point of view, and guiding students to prepare for a career where they can truly change the world.

Here are just a few of the positive comments he has received in evaluations, thank you letters, and professor rating sites:

  • “I just wanted to reach out and thank you for such a great semester. Like I mentioned in my email earlier in the semester, I was really not sure what an HR class would be like but I took it anyways because I’d heard great things about you and your class from my other friends in the management major, and I am definitely glad I did. I learned so much this semester and had a great time doing so. I really appreciated how much care you put into making this class fun for us by switching up the class routines with the group assignments, letting everyone shine with the presentations and always making everyone feel good about themselves and pointing out what they did well, letting us pick our company for the group presentation so we could do something we liked, and always telling us how the lessons we were learning in class were applicable to real life. I feel like your class is one of the ones that has prepared me most for the outside world because we talked about a lot of issues that face young people in the work world and the world in general that I don’t have to face blind now. You are a really amazing professor and me and all my friends in the class always talked about how nice it was to know we had a professor that really cared about us being happy and doing well, like when we all listened to that song together before the midterm. I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to take your class and all the things I learned. Hope you have a wonderful summer and a great fall semester next year!”
  • “I wanted to thank you because as I have been reflecting on my college experience, I just thought about how your class impacted me. I am so thankful for the way that you championed me as a student! At the time, I had just completed a tough semester, and your RADIANT positivity and care for your students just deeply touched me! Thank you!!”
  • “Professor Storer was one of the best professors I have had at SMU. I implore all of my friends in Cox to take him. He truly loves the material and cares about his students. It is clear that he wants the best for them and makes the material so interesting. I have great respect for him and wish I could take him for the rest of my experience at SMU.”
  • “Prof Storer is one of the best professors in Cox. He is an amazing lecturer, and he is super passionate and knowledgeable about HR. He really encourages participation by requiring two individual presentations from each person throughout the semester, so be prepared!”
  • “Amazing professor! Class is fun and dynamic. You will have presentations throughout the semester on interesting topics. He is an absolute must, take him it will help you get prepared for your career.”
  • “Overall was my favorite class I took this semester, I was able to gain a more developed understanding of what is Human Capital Management/Human Resource. In addition, this class has also allowed me to open my eyes and heart for a future career in HR!”
  • “Professor Storer did a great job explaining topics in real life situations and his positive attitude made me want to learn more and come to class. He cultivated a safe and comfortable atmosphere that fostered learning. The way this class was laid out and was executed was the best Cox class I’ve had in my past four years.”
  • “I loved the article presentations we did at the beginning of every class. This really helped my presentation skills, and challenged me in talking to a large group of my peers. I also loved hearing about the topics that other people found interesting and loved going back and forth with questions and discussions regarding people’s presentations. I also enjoyed the lectures because they were so open and discussion based. The quizzes also prepared me for the content we would go over the next day, and were useful in highlighting the most important parts of the chapter.”
  • “Easily the best COX professor I have had so far.”
  • “I love Professor Storer and the way he teaches – he is kind, accommodating, passionate, and truly wants the best for each student. I think that the individual presentations were effective and I really enjoyed the reading quizzes – I felt that they were very effective in testing our knowledges and skills of the material.”
  • “Professor Storer is one of my favorite professors throughout my career at SMU. He brings a real-world and current perspective to the course topic and he is extremely encouraging, accessible, and helpful – I enjoyed the discussion on current events and lectures.”
  • “The class was really fun! I really enjoyed our professor. He kept the class always engaged and was very flexible with the timing of our class. Professor Storer allowed the class to be so fun while also informative.”
  • “One of the nicest and most understanding professors on campus. Not sure how so many others don’t act like human beings but Storer 100% treats us like adults as we deserve. You can tell the material has been used and tested by him in the field over his years of experience. We are able to see what works and what doesn’t. Test questions weren’t meant to trick us so we actually ended up learning material more effectively.”
  • “One of the best courses I have taken at SMU. The lectures were always posted on time, the quizzes reflect the material that is going to be tested, and the course is clearly laid out ahead of time. The presentations and group assignments aid in the learning of human resources.”
  • “I loved that the professor kept the class engaged at all times, by connecting the information in an engaging way. He truly cares about his students and it showed. He also provided internship opportunities in class, which was extremely helpful and created a good connection with students by providing them with real life opportunities.”
  • “The teacher is fantastic; one of my favorite at SMU. His power points are crisp and effective, and helped engage my learning.”
  • “Good professor that was passionate about the subject. Presentations were fun and good way to look at course content.”
  • “Engaging, smart, and fun professor who cares about his students, and this made students want to work hard in the course for him, as well as clearly defined expectations on exams.”
  • It was a pleasure to take Shawn Storer’s class. He presented the curriculum in an engaging way that encouraged additions from all his students.”
  • “I absolutely positively love this class.”

In addition to teaching at SMU, shawn is a proud member of the SMU CHRO Roundtable, a forum for a select group of strategic HR leaders. The Roundtable meets quarterly to examine strategic people issues. Participants are limited to the senior HR person in their organization or company. Members are selected on the basis of their stature in the Human Resources community as well as the reputation of the organizations they serve.

Prior to his appointment at SMU, shawn taught undergraduate conducting classes at the Catholic University of America while at the same time completing his doctorate and working full-time, in only three years. During his time as Assistant Conductor of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, shawn taught a continuing education course at the Johns Hopkins University called, “Behind the Scenes at the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra”. This course took an in-depth look at the BCO season, the inner workings of a professional orchestra, the daily work of a non-profit organization, the rehearsal and preparation of the musicians, the guest artists and personnel management, and pre-concert lectures along with concert attendance and post concert access.