creative leadership solutions

Named as one of the ‘Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development, 2019, Americas’, shawn storer is making a profound difference in the L&D world and beyond.

With a diverse background and expertise in culture, influence, learning & development, talent, human resources, strategy, global operations, keynote, sales, customer service, employee development, mentoring, client services, training, quality assurance, recruiting, telecommunications, e-commerce, contact center, strategic planning, orchestra, opera, musical theatre, ceramics, pottery, and art, shawn storer is a modern-day renaissance man.

shawn has developed leadership academies yielding emerging leaders, sales techniques yielding profitability lift, quality assurance programs yielding heightened customer satisfaction, certification programs yielding increased graduation rates, and recruiting and interview systems yielding better culture fit in hiring, all while maintaining a busy schedule as a guest speaker and artist. Whatever your pain point, shawn can quickly assess the concerns, determine a path to solution, develop and deliver the materials and programs needed, and drive the solution to completion.

No canned videos, no outdated documents, no irrelevant materials, no filler content…shawn works with you directly to understand your specific needs and custom design a solution for you.

Contact shawn today and let’s take that creative leadership journey together!