In the realm of business, learning, talent, organizational development, human resources, strategy, and operations, shawn has broad-ranging experience across a wide number of businesses and industries. Currently, shawn serves as Head of Learning, Communications, & Talent for General Datatech, a 1.2B global IT services provider, where he creates compelling digital and in-person learning for a global audience of IT service and sales professionals. Learning programs, leadership academies, sales playbooks, and learning paths are just a short subset of the types of programs and opportunities he is creating.

Over his career shawn has ideated, created, implemented, and facilitated continuous improvement programs in several organizations. A brief list of some of his greater career accomplishments:

  • Created High Potential Academies, Organizational Core Values, Vision, Mission, and Employee Value Proposition Statements, Global Training Programs. Negotiated, procured, designed, launched, and maintained Workforce, LMS, and Digital Learning platforms for global services and centers.
  • Created and implemented comprehensive training programs for sales, customer service, risk management, order support, and credit/activations for global operations solutions in the US, India, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines.
  • Created, developed, implemented, and equipped specific and measurable Culture elements in Franchise system of over 500 restaurants, including all office and field support teams. Worked across departments including: Training; Purchasing; Marketing; HR/Administration; Development; Communications; Operations; Legal; and IT, to cascade, roll out, monitor, and audit delivered content.
  • Conceived and delivered five concurrent leadership and development programs for corporate audiences including: high potentials; high performers; supervisors; office employees, and field employees.
  • Oversaw global contact center operations for multi-client, multi-site, client and customer facing, 24/7/365 outsourced solution – delivering sales and service via voice, chat, and email to an average of 5,000 contacts per day.
  • Forecasted and led transition from 18/7/360 vendor multi-site contact center solution to 24/7/365, while onboarding new client with highest volume in voice, chat, and email, at the same time as delivering major reconstruction effort ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • Designed and deployed new sales techniques for global contact center inside sales teams resulting in record-breaking sales KPIs, lifting conversion rate from 27% to 31%, device protection rate from 24% to 40%, and accessory attach rate from 35% to 80%.
  • Created and administered global certification programs for all graduating contact center representatives prior to interacting with customers, yielding a 90% pass rate from training, enhancing overall customer service and engagement.
  • Hired, trained, coached, and drove performance of startup contact center team from single-digit team conversion rates at launch to 20%+ team conversion rate within 90 days of launch, yielding $10M in new monthly accounts.