Cathy Westurn, SPHR, HR Leader

“I had the opportunity to work together with Shawn at Speed Commerce. During his tenure, Speed Commerce was experiencing high growth and on-boarding new clients which presented an extremely challenging time for the operations teams. Shawn’s strength in leadership was truly evident during this time and he went above and beyond to ensure his team understood the vision and stayed engaged.

Shawn is a driven individual who sets a vision and drives to it, no matter what challenge is presented to him. I certainly endorse Shawn and would recommend him as a leader in any organization.”

Suzanne Foster, HR and Talent Acquisition Leader

“Very few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also such a great mentor and leader—but I did when I worked for Shawn. I had the wonderful privilege to work for Shawn for a year while at Dickey’s Capital Group. I was always impressed with Shawn’s ability to handled the toughest situations while maintaining such class and enthusiasm. Shawn’s positive attitude always made such a dramatic impact on our. As a leader, Shawn earns my highest recommendation and any employer would be lucky to have him on their team.”

John Bailey, Operations Executive

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shawn for several years and having worked with him while he was at Simplexity. Shawn is a consummate professional who understands the business very well. He clearly understand the dynamics and nuances of the business in order to move the needle in a positive direction to attain great results and build great relationships. Shawn was the creator of the new sales process developed at Simplexity that increased customer satisfaction and sales conversion. He led the team of trainers and quality assurance that helped us achieve an A rating with the BBB. Shawn developed the concept of GREAT for our sales team which led to 20% increase in sales conversion. He has a clear vision of what he wants form his partners and employees and accepts nothing less. I highly recommend Shawn Storer!”

Danica Alexander, Talent Acquisition Leader

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager like, Shawn. I was a lucky one! For seven months , I operated on the HR team at Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants as the HR Corporate Recruiter and Shawn ran the department as Chief Human Resources Officer. Not only do I have the utmost respect for Shawn as a manager, I had a front row seat seeing Shawn be a first class leader in the organization. Without writing a long list of adjectives, all of which would all describe Shawn in a favorable way, here a couple of stand out qualities.

Shawn has been positioned to make decisions large and small, all day, everyday. His decision making is instinctive! You’ll also get a decision maker who is comprehensive, fair, purposeful, and transparent. He exhibits this by choosing the right vendor, reviewing policy, advising on employee relations and so much more.

Shawn is extremely committed to seeing people and the organization operate at full potential. Development and training wasn’t just a responsibility for Shawn, it’s a passion. He is abundant with affirmation, but also looks for areas of development. Shawn invested the time to train me on Predictive Index, a behavioral assessment for employers. With the knowledge, I was able to better identify talent that would not only work well in the environment, but make placements that would bring strength to the team.

If you need something done, ask Shawn. If you need it done better, ask Shawn. If you need is done now, ask Shawn. It’s with this knowledge, I give the highest recommendation!”

Michelle Frazier, Executive Leader

“This serves as my professional recommendation for Shawn Storer. Shawn is a take-charge individual who is extremely creative. The creation, delivery and success of several management and leadership programs was dependent on his strong communication and interpersonal skills. Shawn is a high performing executive who served as the Chief of People and Culture leading the human resource department. His leadership skills and work ethic would be invaluable to any organization.

I would highly recommend Shawn for any position he is considering for employment.”

Gustav Meier, Conductor and Pedagogue

“I know Shawn Storer as a promising conductor of considerable talent. Shawn is a fine musician, knows his scores, knows how to show how he feels about a composition, and can get his musical ideas across to the musicians and audiences alike.”

Anne Harrigan, Music Director, Baltimore Chamber Orchestra

“Shawn has a very good technique, a great ear, is completely responsible, and respectful of others. He is highly respected and appreciated by the orchestra, the staff, and the board of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.”

Jeffrey Penza, Chair, former BCO Music Director Search Committee

“Shawn was a key member of our committee. Shawn is a very organized, hard working, detail oriented and responsive individual. He has the admirable quality of being able to find the balance between being firm about his convictions, yet considerable and tactful in his dealings with others.”

Kate Tamarkin, Music Director, Charlottesville Symphony

“Shawn is a gifted conductor with maturity far beyond his years. He is a deeply thoughtful musician and possesses good physical conducting technique. Shawn is a man of high personal integrity and professionalism.”

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