Danica Alexander, Talent Acquisition Leader

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager like, Shawn. I was a lucky one! For seven months , I operated on the HR team at Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants as the HR Corporate Recruiter and Shawn ran the department as Chief Human Resources Officer. Not only do I have the utmost respect for Shawn as a manager, I had a front row seat seeing Shawn be a first class leader in the organization. Without writing a long list of adjectives, all of which would all describe Shawn in a favorable way, here a couple of stand out qualities.

Shawn has been positioned to make decisions large and small, all day, everyday. His decision making is instinctive! You’ll also get a decision maker who is comprehensive, fair, purposeful, and transparent. He exhibits this by choosing the right vendor, reviewing policy, advising on employee relations and so much more.

Shawn is extremely committed to seeing people and the organization operate at full potential. Development and training wasn’t just a responsibility for Shawn, it’s a passion. He is abundant with affirmation, but also looks for areas of development. Shawn invested the time to train me on Predictive Index, a behavioral assessment for employers. With the knowledge, I was able to better identify talent that would not only work well in the environment, but make placements that would bring strength to the team.

If you need something done, ask Shawn. If you need it done better, ask Shawn. If you need is done now, ask Shawn. It’s with this knowledge, I give the highest recommendation!”