I am thrilled to share that I have been asked to emcee the Fort Worth HR Awards Night this year! It will be a wonderful night of sharing, acknowledging, rewarding, and recognizing but also some reflecting, planning, and hopefully if I do this right…at least a little bit of laughing!

Thank you FWHR for the opportunity to host this awesome and important event! I can’t wait to recognize these impactful HR leaders!

for more information, please visit: https://fwhr.org/2019-Awards-Night-MC

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Is that the light at the end of the tunnel…or is it just a train? Many people have said these words or had this thought, but until you feel it for yourself, it is just a funny saying.

For several years, and through multiple jobs, many of my close friends (and those co-workers who bridged the gap from co-worker to colleague) have encouraged me to consult. They ask me things like, “why are you here? Why are you doing this? You should go out on your own. You would be great at helping companies solve their problems. Oh and also…please take me with you!!!” A nice compliment but always a tenuous venture to consider. My career trajectory so far has been a series of upward transitions in companies where I succeeded at what they hired me to do, so they gave me more responsibility. New responsibilities were often outside of my comfort zone or area of expertise, but I am smart, determined, and successful, so these accomplishments led to more responsibilities…and so it goes. Does this sound like your journey, too?

I am happiest when I am able to come into a situation where something is broken, is moving slowly, is dysfunctional, is ineffective, is not getting the right results, or does not even yet exist. I have a unique ability to create or improve programs and processes, in order to turn them into something successful, profitable, engaging, and exciting. Well-oiled machines are simply boring to me. Who wants to sit at the sound board and manage the dials? (Unless you are a sound engineer, respect!) Give me a situation where there needs to be an urgent fix because I love to analyze, prescribe, and implement strategies that work!

Because of that constant and continual encouragement, coupled with my passion for fixing…I am ready to enter into the consulting realm, but we need a netter name because the term consultant often has negative connotations. Anyone who has ever paid more than they wanted for less than they deserved, blames it on the ‘consultant’. (And I understand why…I’ve seen it before, too). So how about we just say…influencer. It sounds better than management mercenary, right?

I’m pleased to announce the formation of Shawn Storer Strategic Solutions. As an influencer, I can help you with any of your needs in so many areas of expertise. I specialize in a broad range of strategic solutions for your organization and offer expertise in: Culture; Strategy; Learning & Development; Human Resources; Recruitment; Talent Management; Operations; Contact Center; Sales; Customer Experience; Keynote; Guest Speaking; and more!

If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you realized the light is a train, or if you just need to dig your own tunnel…call me. I’m here to help!


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Wow! I am humbled, honored, and excited to be named as one of the ‘Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development, 2019, Americas’ by Corinium Global Intelligence. It is a great privilege to be named among these incredible leaders. To see the full article, please click the link below.

Thank you to Corinium Global Intelligence for including me on this wonderful list and congratulations to all the talented and dedicated winners! Top 50!!!

Click here to open the Top 50 Leaders in L&D 2019 | Americas

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Last week, I had the great honor and opportunity to sit as chairperson for the 4th Corinium Global Intelligence – Chief Learning Officer Forum – Fall 2018, in Boston, MA. It was a tremendous event which drew out many of the world’s top learning leaders both as speakers, panelists, and attendees.

There were numerous key takeaways from this conference, both in the form of lessons learned and what we should be looking forward to in the coming years. And while I don’t want to give all the secrets away, I will share two key points…

  1. Mobile strategy is a must (if it is possible in your business)
  2. As a learning leader…you are not alone

We learned that in the IOT (internet of everything) culture and future, mobile connectivity is both bringing people together and making them feel more isolated at the same time. (conundrum!) Whether that isolation is felt or not, mobile devices will only get more powerful and will continue to grow in usage and leverage. If you and your business do not have a mobile learning solution for your users…it is time to get connected! To celebrate our commitment to mobile strategy, we took a groupie (a repurposed selfie).


We also learned that being a leader of learning can be lonely and confusing. Am I going in the right direction? Is this platform going to help? Did I design this correctly to reach the most users in the best way? Will the users care about this content? How can I get more learners to be engaged in the content we are creating?

It is these types of questions and more that we discussed over three days and I happy to say, while I have new answers and new directions…I also have a better sense of community with learning leaders across a broad spectrum of industries. We are in this together! Only through sharing our ideas, our accomplishments, our struggles, our challenges, and yes, our failures, do we grow and improve as a community. You are not alone!




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I am extremely excited to be speaking with the Dallas HR Executive Breakfast Series on Tuesday! It should be a fun discussion about core values and how we can live them in our daily lives. And it is a sold out meeting!

This will kick off the second half of the year on speaking engagements. Currently, I’m scheduled to speak at conferences in Boston and Ft. Lauderdale this fall. Very exciting opportunities to share our core values vision and execution!

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