Your New Mantra

A friend of mine uses the following mantra for ensuring he exercises regularly:

“It’s not IF I work out today, it’s WHEN I work out today.”

When you set your mind to believe in this mantra and execute according to your own plan, you will exercise consistently. How easy is that? It is something I still think about when I’m tempted to choose something else over my gym time, buying into victim mentality that something else “has to” come first. But it doesn’t. It is a choice. It’s not IF…it’s WHEN.

As someone who constantly looks for ways to drive the transition from strategy to culture (plan to execution), this is one of the best mantras I have ever heard. And it works every single time if you believe in it and act on it!

Recently I’ve been thinking about this idea, but with the substitution of other words. Multiple authors tell us we always have a choice. It is how we react to a situation that truly defines our level of stress and I can buy into that philosophy.

So, with this mantra, and a few modifications, we can simply say things like:

“It’s not IF I will be more productive today, it’s WHEN…”
“It’s not IF I finish that project, it’s WHEN…”
“It’s not IF I help someone today, it’s WHEN…”
“It’s not IF I encourage others around me, it’s WHEN…”

What do you want to do today? Answer that then tell yourself this simple little mantra. The options are limitless and totally up to us. What do we need to focus on to transition from IF to WHEN?

It’s not IF I use this mantra today…it’s when. 🙂

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