CLO Apex

Do you ever feel like…wow…I’ve found my place and my people?

Do you ever think…yes…this is the place where I thrive and grow?

Do you ever realize…finally…this is what I’ve been looking for!

There are a lot of different ways to find that feeling, but few are as powerful as the communal feeling of sharing, learning, and growing together with a group of highly intelligent, highly caring, highly enthusiastic leaders of learning! I just got back from the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Apex event in Orlando, FL hosted by Corinium Global Intelligence. Corinium believes in “Connected Thinking” and this is the best example of connecting leaders with thought that I have ever seen. To be in the room is great, to have a seat at the table is crucial, to stand in front of this group…is something few can experience.

I’m honored and humbled to have chaired this important event. With so many talented people in the world and so many wonderful leaders in the room, I am grateful, excited, and energized!

Biggest takeaways?

  • You are not alone! We all have similar challenges and it is okay to share with colleagues and peers outside your four walls.
  • Failure is not only okay…it is better for your learning trajectory. We learn more from fixing failures than from conferences or books.
  • Technology exists today with AI/VR that will blow your mind! We need to tap into it now to stay ahead of the curve in learning.
  • Connection does not end at the end of a conference. Keep the conversation going well beyond the last session.
  • Accountability is for leaders too. Find an accountabilibuddy and make a SMART plan to ensure you are each on track for your goals!

There are so many more incredible takeaways from this session but I can’t give it all away now can I? I hope to see you at the next CLO in June!

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