DMI Graduation

Leadership Puzzle

Congratulations to our newest graduates of the Dickey’s Management Institute!

Level 5

Our most recent graduates of the DMI include (pictured below, left to right, with our CEO Roland Dickey, Jr.): Frank Nieto; Nora Hamed; Erin Williams; Jodelle Lapinski; Bryan Pelt; Jermaine Martin; James Stennett; Mike Atkins; and Kimberly Harms. Roland himself presented each graduate with the final piece of their leadership puzzle, also pictured above.


The DMI is a year-long, high-potential program, where attendees learn about leadership, management, and strategy. The John C. Maxwell 5 Levels of Leadership provides the over-arching structure of the program, while eight internally-built core learning modules provide the details. These core learning modules include: influence; communication; department plan; compliance standards; learning agility; accountability; forecasting; and escalation management. The group also reads and employs the concepts and teaching from: 5 Levels of Leadership, John C. Maxwell; Winning with People, John C. Maxwell; Double Your Profits in Six Months or Less, Bob Fifer; 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey; and Good to Great, Jim Collins. Weekly activities help these current and future leaders of the company to develop in areas like: job descriptions and org charts; hosting meetings; values; commitments and wins; Predictive Index; vision and mission statements; managing people; driving performance; counselling employees; public speaking; presentation skills; mentoring; and even succession planning.


Congratulations to each and every one of our graduates! I am proud to have worked with you on this program, to have seen and been involved with your development, and to watch your progress in the future!